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Before registering for classes the following documents will be required:
First time entering freshman:
Official HS transcript or GED scores,
Immunization record, and
ACT or Accuplacer test scores.
Transfer student:
Official college transcript (from all colleges attended),
High school transcript (if less than 18 earned college hrs),
Immunization record, and
Test Scores (if less than 30 earned college hrs.).
Transient student:
Immunization record, and
Letter of Good Standing (unless classes require placement or Prerequisite course; transcript needed).

I. Identification Information

NOTE:  In order to apply electronically, the applicant's Social Security number must be provided.

Social Security Number
(Example: 123456789)
How did you learn about the BRTC?


II. Personal Demographic Information


First Name 

Middle Name 

Last Name


Maiden Name



Permanent Address 


Mailing Address





 I have lived in the indicated county for 6 months or more. Check for yes

Telephone   Number

Home Phone
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  Work Phone
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E-mail Address



III. Request for Confidential Information

Date of Birth

(MMDDYYYY Please do not enter slashes or dashes)



Ethnicity - Please select YES OR NO in all fields.


Are you a US Citizen? 

If you are not a U.S. citizen, give type of U.S. visa held or to be obtained      

Are you an Arkansas resident? 


Have you lived in Arkansas more than 6 months?


Are you an Veteran?  


Are you an dependent of a Veteran?  


Are you a first generation college student? 


Are you foreign born?  


Do you have a felony conviction?

If yes, what type.



IV. Educational  Information

Seeking admission as:


This application is for


What is your intended Program/Major?


Which campus do you wish to attend?


 Will you be enrolled in high school or  are you
currently seeking a degree or certificate at another
institution while attending BRTC? 
If yes, where?  


V. Educational Background

High School Name

High School City

High School State

High School/GED graduation date (MMDDYYYY Please do not enter slashes or dashes)
Have you attended another College or Post Secondary Institution?
If No skip the following section:.

List All Colleges/Post Secondary Institutions Attended


Institution City State From M/Y To M/Y

VI. Emergency Contact Not In The Household

Name of nearest relative not in home.

First Name 

Middle Initial  

Last Name


Telephone   Number

Home Phone
(Example: 9185551234)


I certify that the information on the application is correct. I understand that giving false information or withholding information could make me ineligible for admission at Black River Technical College. 


Affirmative Action Statement.  In keeping with the guidelines on Title VI, Section 601, Civil Rights Act of 1964, Title IX, Section 901, Education Amendments of 1972, and Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973, this institution assures that no person in the United States, shall on the basis of race, color, national origin, sex, or handicap be excluded from participation in, be denied the benefit of, or be subjected to discrimination under any program or activity administered by the institution.

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